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The dead sea is actually a lake (salt lake), the shore of the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth  (which is not submerged) at 423 meters under sea level.  it is located on the border of Jordan, Israel & The West-Bank. (disputed).
The Dead sea is almost 9 times saltier than the ocean, which makes it impossible for fish to live for this reason it was called The Dead sea.
Many tourists come to visit the dead sea every year for the therapeutic preciousness of the mud and salty water. skin disorders like psoriasis get a significant relief using the Dead Sea’s natural resources.
Make sure you don’t shave or have an open cut before you enter the waters or it’s gonna sting! It is also pretty amusing to swim in  anyone can float on it with no real effort (due to the high salt concentration).
For more information visit Wikipedia – The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea, Israel & Jordan

The Dead Sea, Israel & Jordan

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