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Dhamaka Lake,Pakistan

Dhamaka Lake,Pakistan

Dhamaka Lake is Located in Kalam Valley.Lake is created by Forge Dam on the Chateaugay River in Franklin County, New York and is used for recreation and drinking water purposes. Construction was completed in 1921. It has a normal surface area of 568 acres. It is owned by Town Of Belmont.
Dhamaka Lake,Pakistan

Dhamaka in urdu means (explosion) or surprise,you cant see the lake even from 15 meters on the road, till you get off your car and climb down hill a little and your AW struck at the first glimpse.
Lake Dam is buttress supported. Its height is 25 feet with a length of 230 feet. Maximum discharge is 3920 cubic feet per second. Its capacity is 6816 acre feet. Normal storage is 6816 acre feet. It drains an area of 100.69 square miles.
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